Thursday, 25 July 2024

Recording highest levels ever.. “SAMA”: Banks’ liabilities from public sector rise to 709.9 billion riyals


Data from the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia for the month of April 2024 revealed an increase in bank liabilities from the public governmental and semi-governmental sectors to about 709.9 billion riyals at the end of last April, an increase of 1.7 billion riyals from their levels in the previous month (March 2024), which was 708.2 billion riyals.

According to the statistical bulletin for April, government bonds (including internationally issued government bonds and instruments that banks purchase from the secondary market), in which Saudi banks invested, rose to 552.2 billion riyals at the end of last April, with a value of 1,475 million riyals, compared to 550.7 billion riyals at the end of March. 2024.

On the other hand, bank credit to public institutions increased to 157.7 billion riyals by the end of April 2024, with a value of 236 million riyals from its levels last March, which were 157.5 billion riyals.

اقرأ المزيد

Banks’ liabilities from the public sector consist of government bonds in addition to bank credit to public institutions, which in turn includes loans, advances and overdrafts.