Saturday, 13 April 2024

NEOM allocates 95% of its area to preserve nature


NEOM, through its sectors participating in the “Second Tabuk” forum, which it is organizing for the second year in a row, entitled “The Future of Man and Place”, provides definitions of the various programs that it sought and seeks to achieve.

The sectors of social responsibility, sports, tourism and media, career guidance management, human resources, contracts and procurement, hospitality, education, and scholarships work on developing local content, achieving sustainable economic development, and the social and cultural impact of NEOM programs, and presenting social responsibility outputs and stories Success, economic opportunities, and training provided to the sons and daughters of the local community. Each sector also offers a course in empowering the people, developing their local investments, improving their quality of life, and creating a positive developmental, social, and economic impact on them and their regions, through supporting local projects, talented people, young men and women, and pioneers. business, in addition to a set of programs and initiatives that target the region at all social, economic and educational levels

Among the departments that highlight NEOM’s interest in the environment by allocating 95% of its area to preserve the marine, coastal and terrestrial environments, in addition to its establishment of the NEOM Reserve in Al-Asilah, which currently includes the Arabian oryx, Al-Reem gazelle, humans, ibex, and ostriches.

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