Saturday, 13 April 2024

Tahliya delegation recently conclude visit to Moscow

Promoting Cooperation to Bolster Water Desalination, in the Kingdom, Aided by the Russian Firms’ Expertise


اقرأ المزيد

Saline Water Conversion Corporation delegation, recently concluded a visit to Russia, discussed with a group of Russian manufacturing companies, operating in the domain of water industry, ways for consolidating bilateral cooperation, urging them to provide it with the latest Russian technology, in the field of materials science and foundry, that are, at the core of the components of the desalination industry.

This has taken place, during their recent visit to the Russian capital, Moscow, accompanied by a representative of the Ministry of Russian Industry and Trade.

In these meetings, ways of cooperation in related technologies, investment opportunities, in the water sector, in the Kingdom, and ways to enhance cooperation, in related fields, especially knowledge transfer and integrated building between the two sides of digital technical capabilities and benefit from progress, in other related fields to serve the water desalination, were discussed. Opportunities were also searched for, in order to localize technological solutions.

The delegation, headed by the Director General of Partnerships at the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Eng. Muhammad Al Al-Sheikh, accompanied by the Director General of Projects, Eng. Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, and the Executive Director of Investment and Business Development, Eng. Essam Al-Jarba, visited the headquarters of a number of Russian companies, working in the water industry, that expressed willingness to cooperate and provide its expertise, in areas of common interest, and in turn to promote launching of an important stage for future investments, in the desalination industry.

Cooperation with Russian companies aims to increase the speed of progress, in raising the efficiency of the current and future production and transportation systems, of desalinated water, by using new technologies, in sectors other than water, and increasing the chances of localizing equipment and components of production systems, and water projects from reverse osmosis membranes, high pressure pumps and valves, and the manufacture of pipes and iron coils, in the Kingdom, Al-Sheikh explained.

Taking advantage of the qualified national capabilities and expertise of the “desalination” competencies and the technical advantages of Russian companies, is the aim, he added, pointing out that the localization of these components will contribute to increasing the proportion of local content, empowering national cadres and maximizing their contributions, in addition to reducing the cost per cubic meter and providing more of employment opportunities for Saudis.

The meetings came as part of efforts to strengthen and establish strategic partnerships and fruitful and constructive cooperation relations with international companies, as Tahlia is keen to intensify its efforts, in investing its technical and engineering expertise, in developing desalination industry and existing systems, by increasing its operational efficiency and raising the quality of its products to the highest limit, in line with Its strategy aimed, at enabling the desalination industry and maximizing the contributions of national industries to the GDP, to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.