Wednesday, 29 May 2024

CITC Announces

Frequency Bands’ Allocation Regulatory Document Specified for Uses of IMT, Updated


اقرأ المزيد

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has issued the updated version of the document for the distribution and regulation of the frequency bands, specified for the uses of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT), as a part of the implementation of the National Spectrum Strategy initiatives.
And the implementation of the plan to enable commercial and innovative uses of the frequency spectrum 2021-2023.
This comes in line with the strategic shift, in the authority’s role as a digital regulator and as an extension of its efforts to support and enable the Kingdom’s transformation, into a digital society..
The document includes identifying more than 4 GHz additional 5G technologies, in addition to setting a time plan for offering these frequencies, by holding two auctions, during the period 2021-2023; set to make the Kingdom, at the forefront of the world, in providing frequencies for mobile communication systems.
The provision of these frequencies will contribute to supporting public telecommunications networks in the Kingdom, spreading 5G technologies, and increasing Internet speeds in the Kingdom.
The document includes regulations for managing specific frequency bands for international mobile communications systems; adoption of the latest tools to manage the frequency spectrum for these bands, which in turn will contribute to the deployment of different use cases of 5G technologies and enhance its economic value.
These tools include secondary markets for spectrum, in addition to adopting a lightened spectrum license, which allows access to the largest number of users of the spectrum resource and enhances its optimal use.