Monday, 17 June 2024

Diriyah Financial launches Robo Advisor Platform


Diriyah Financial has announced the launch of the ” Diriyah  Smart” platform, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia first investment advisory platform (Robo Advisor) for individuals.

Individual investors can use the platform to get comprehensive financial solutions that address the majority of their investing and savings goals and needs. Because all investment solutions on the platform consist of diverse and worldwide assets, the investments are managed by a neutral advisory team, which assures a strong diversification of investments.

Diriyah  Smart platform can identify the client investment goals by evaluating his responses to a series of carefully selected questions via the digital platform.

اقرأ المزيد

Then, the Diriyah  Smart platform suggests a suitable investment plan to the client, which is handled by investment managers chosen and monitored by a specialist advisory team. This team strives to achieve a good distribution of assets and a consistent level of investment quality while minimizing investment risks.

Diriyah  Smart was launched in response to the Financial Sector Development Programme and Vision 2030 interest in savings and investments, according to Mohammed Al-Shammasi, CEO of Diriyah  Financial.

“This interest prompted Diriyah  Financial to launch channels dedicated to saving and investing, such as the Diriyah  Smart platform, which offers smart savings and investment solutions that help individuals live comfortably and secure a stable future for themselves and their family,” Al-Shammasi continued.

Diriyah  Financial is a specialist in investment and solution development, backed by a wealth of qualitative and distinguished experience in the fields of brokerage, asset management, and financial analysis in the Saudi, Gulf, and international markets.