Thursday, 25 July 2024

Saudi Red Sea Authority issues its first Marina operator licenses


اقرأ المزيد

Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA), the official regulator and key enabler of Red Sea coastal tourism, has issued the first three licenses for operators of the following tourist marinas: Al-Ahlam Marine in Jeddah and Jazan, and Red Sea Marina in Jeddah Which falls under SRSA’s mandate to issue licenses and permits for the navigational and marine tourism activities, in line with Saudi Vision 2030 to develop a thriving coastal tourism sector.

This step aims to develop operational and technical procedures for marinas, enhance the quality of services provided to tourists and visitors. preserve the marine environment and ensure sustainability, regulate marine watercrafts operating model, and enable coastal tourism, in line with SRSA’s objectives.

This achieved through field visits by SRSA to tourist marinas in Jeddah, Jazan, Al Laith and Yanbu as a proactive step to provide essential technical, administrative, and consultative support to grant licenses to marina operators, and ensure compliance with international standards. It also ensures the readiness and suitability of these facilities to receive local and international visitors and tourists.

The field visits by SRSA also included several substantial improvements to tourist marinas, in accordance with the standards and requirements set by SRSA, which were implemented by the private sector as a strategic partner and an active contributor to the development of the coastal tourism sector in Saudi Arabia.

The new licenses are a significant step towards the development of coastal tourism in the Kingdom, reflecting SRSA’s commitment to enable navigational and marine tourism activities, by providing a suitable and safe environment for both local and international visitors, to make the Red Sea a leading global tourist destination.