Thursday, 23 May 2024

Bank Albilad Initiates Electronic Voting for Assembly Meeting on Capital Increase


Bank Albilad announced on Wednesday that electronic voting for the agenda of the General Assembly meeting will commence on 25/4/2024 and will continue until the conclusion of the meeting. The voting service, provided by Edaa Center, is available free of charge to all shareholders. Registration and voting can be accessed via the following link:

The bank’s Board of Directors wishes to inform shareholders that the meeting will be broadcast live through a link available in the Tadawulaty system. During the meeting, the bank will accept and address questions from valued shareholders.

This notification follows the bank’s announcement on the Saudi Exchange website on 2/4/2024, inviting shareholders to participate and vote in the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting. The meeting, which includes discussions on a Capital Increase, is scheduled for 06:30 PM on 29/4/2024 and will be conducted using modern technology.

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