Friday, 19 April 2024

SADAFCO General Assembly Agrees to Extend Period for Retaining Treasury Shares


Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Co. (SADAFCO) announced on Thursday the results of the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting (First Meeting), which came as follows:

1- Approval of the election of the members of the Board of Directors from among the candidates for the next session, which starts from the date of 01-04-2024 and its duration is four years, which ends on 31-03-2028:

1- Sheikh Hamad Sabah Al-Ahmad Al Sabah

اقرأ المزيد

2- Sheikh Sabah Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Sabah

3- Mr. Faisal Hamad Mubarak Al Ayyar

4- Mr. Ihab Ibrahim Mohamed Osman

5- Mr. Saied Ahmed Saied Basamh

6- Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Al Marzouki

7- Mr. Mussad Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Nassar

8- Mr. Hani Abdulaziz Ahmed Saab

9- Mr. Esam Saleh Ahmed Al thukair

2- Approved extending the maximum period within which the Company may hold the treasury shares (amounting to five hundred thousand and two hundred fifty “500,250”) as treasury shares, as approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Company on 11-04-1440H (corresponding to 18 December 2018G) for another period of (five) years starting from 28-02-2024G. After this period expires, the Company will comply with the procedures and controls stipulated in the applicable regulations.

3- Approved to amend the Audit Committee Charter.

4- Approved to amend the Nomination & Remuneration Committee Charter.

5- Approved to amend the Board Membership Policy.

6- Approved to amend the Policy for Remuneration of Board of Directors, Its Committees and Executive Management.