Saturday, 2 March 2024

Eastern Province Cement agrees to elect 9 BOD members


The Board of Directors of the Eastern Province Company announced on Monday the results the 50th General Assembly (first meeting), which was held remotely through contemporary technology at 18:30 on Sunday 10-12-2023.

The terms included approval for the election of members of the Board of Directors from among the candidates for the next term, which commences from January 29, 2024, for a term of 4 years and ends on January 28, 2028, as follows:

1. Mr. Faisal Yousef Ibrahim Al-Salloum

اقرأ المزيد

2. Dr. Abdullah Ibn Omar Ibn Saad Al-Baiz

3. Mr. Mohammed Saad Butti Al-Farraj Al-Subaie

4. Dr. Saad Abdulaziz Sulaiman Alhogail

5. Mr. Fawaz Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Omran

6. Mr. Waleed Mohammed Abdullah Al-Jaafari

7. Mr. Majid Saleh Mohammed Al-Rajhi

8. Mr. Ibrahim Salem Mohammed Al-Ruwais

9. Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Al-Khanin

The rest of the voting results on the Assembly’s agenda were as follows:

-Approval on the amendment of the audit committee policy.

– Approval on amending the Policy of Remuneration of board of directors, board of committees and executive management.