Saturday, 2 March 2024

Aramco Executive Vice President of Technical Services opens Middle East’s first summit on Industrial Internet of Things


Aramco Executive Vice President of Technical Services Wail Al-Jaafari has spotlighted Aramco’s development and deployment of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology. In his opening remarks at the Global Industrial Internet of Things Summit (GIITS), the Middle East’s first event of its kind, Mr. Al-Jaafari noted IIoT technology is integrated across Aramco’s infrastructure and is expected to help pave the way for a safer, smarter, cleaner and more innovative energy industry.

On Aramco’s use of IIoT technology, Mr. Al-Jaafari said: “We have deployed Industrial Internet of Things technology in multiple areas, including our operations and project execution to protect people and operational assets and monitor environmental performance, in addition to improving our operational efficiency. Over the years we have invested in making our plants smart by introducing plant connectivity, data-lake and sensing solutions. This investment has created the perfect infrastructure to deploy a wide range of Industrial Internet of Things applications and solutions at scale.”

Mr. Al-Jaafari continued: “Our Fourth Industrial Revolution Center is the brain where our engineers use AI and machine learning to translate big data into meaningful insights that support operational decision-making. These data help us to improve our facilities’ performance, drive energy efficiency, reduce emissions and – most importantly – operate safely.”

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On the future for IIoT technology, Mr. Al-Jaafari said: “To unlock the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things, we as end-users, suppliers, regulators and academics must work together. We need to collaborate to upskill our professionals, to develop innovative technologies, to create a secure digital environment and build a strong local supply chain. This ecosystem will enable us to take Industrial Internet of Things opportunities and achieve even more in the future…Together we can enable the wider adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things in the region.”

GIITS brings together business and industry leaders, subject matter experts and decision makers in IIoT to accelerate the development and adoption of IIoT. The summit aims to transform the industrial sector by enabling smarter, more efficient and data-driven solutions. It also aims to create opportunities for Saudi Arabia’s economic growth, social development and youth upskilling and empowerment.