Monday, 11 December 2023

Al-Othaim organizes celebrations with Saudi 93rd ‎National Day in all its commercial centers ‎


اقرأ المزيد

Al-Othaim Investment Company organized celebrations for the 93rd National Day on a large scale in all its commercial centers in the Kingdom, with the number of participants exceeding 500,000 people, including families, youth and children.

The great public response to the events exceeded expectations, as citizens expressed their great admiration for the diversity and creativity that characterized the activities and events in addition to attention directed to all age groups, from children to adults, in an atmosphere of vitality and patriotic spirit that brings together all members of society.

*Innovation and diversity*


The National Day activities were characterized by a unique combination of innovation and diversity, as they included more than 45 multi-faceted activities, from theatrical performances, competitions, entertainment games, artistic and cultural exhibitions, to national songs that added tones of joy and pride in the homeland. The events also witnessed a number of activities that added an atmosphere of enthusiasm and pride, including the distribution of flags and souvenirs that increased the joy of the celebrations.

The marches also reflected the high patriotic spirit and pride in the Kingdom, as they were crowded with Saudi flags that were distributed to the attendees as a symbol of joy and celebration of National Day, in an atmosphere of high feelings, pride and loyalty to the homeland.

*Large-scale Participation*

The National Day activities held by Al-Othaim Investment sparkled with wide participation from ministries, institutions and government bodies.

This official participation added a distinctive and tangible character to the celebrations, and demonstrated the cohesion and cooperation between all sectors of Saudi society.

The participation of ministries, institutions and governmental bodies in National Day activities also highlighted the vital role that these institutions play in strengthening national identity and belonging to the homeland, and reflected the collective spirit that characterizes Saudi society.

These governmental bodies have greatly influenced the quality and richness of events, by providing a range of activities and programs that reflect the importance of National Day and achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

*A special participation for children of the duty martyrs*

The participation of the children of the martyrs of duty added a special touch and deep meaning to the National Day activities organized by Al-Othaim Investment. Their participation has strengthened the patriotic spirit that burns in the hearts of everyone, and has reminded us of the great sacrifices made by the martyrs of duty for the sake of the nation.

This was seen through the various activities in which the children of the martyrs participated, as they added a spirit of sympathy and pride in the homeland to the events. From fun games to competitions, their participation was tangible and interesting.

It is worth noting that the participation of “Al-Othaim Investment” in the National Day celebrations came to prove the company’s commitment to participating in national events and its support for the community on all occasions.