Monday, 11 December 2023

In The Land of The Future and Dreamers, We Dream and Achieve


From where I stand here in NEOM, the ‘land of the future’ in the northwest of the Kingdom, I
take a moment to contemplate the inspiring diversity of this nation – in terms of civilization,
culture, knowledge, and people – a national tapestry, unlike any other. In this moment of
reflection, my imagination takes me back in time 93 years, where I can clearly envisage our
founding father, King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Faisal Al Saud – may God have mercy on
him – unifying this country with his vision and heart, before uniting our vast land and various
regions rich in history, resources and cultural legacy.

Since then, the seeds of patriotism, strength and unity were planted, embedding security
and stability into this blessed land. In the ensuing years, these seeds sprouted into
prosperity and progress, at the hands of our kings, bringing about the most flourishing
example of cohesion between a nation’s people and its leaders.

A Vision that Puts People First

اقرأ المزيد

After years of glory, unity, and prosperity, here we are today, with more pride and a
heightened sense of belonging, in a new, prosperous era – the era of the Custodian of the
Two Holy Mosques, His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his trustworthy Crown Prince
and Prime Minister, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz (may
God bless them). This is the era of determination and ambition, which has unleashed the
economic and human power of the Kingdom and unlocked the doors of empowerment and
innovation toward broader horizons.

This era has culminated in a bold and progressive plan envisioned by the grandson of the
founding King, our Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Through Saudi Vision 2030, HRH
has provided the Kingdom a road map toward a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an
ambitious nation. This Vision reflects the culture of an entire nation, from its tiniest to its
largest aspects. Saudi Vision 2030 represents our collective ambition, determination and
effort to turn ideas into reality. It is the belief that nothing is impossible.

This is how Saudi Vision 2030 brought about a radical transformation and a new paradigm
shift for the Kingdom. Today, we are witnessing the Vision embedded in pioneering projects
in every corner of this country. What is even more remarkable is that our greatest Saudi
minds and talents are responsible for planning, supervising and implementing these
projects. This ambitious Vision is driving our nation forward. It is transforming the Kingdom
into a new destination for global enterprises to set up business and captivating bright
international professionals looking for dream career opportunities.

The Land of the Future

Emerging from boundless ambition and a visionary outlook, NEOM stands as the ‘land of the
future’ and a gift from the Kingdom to humanity. It serves as a platform for the greatest
minds and best talents who embody pioneering ideas and push boundaries in a world
inspired by imagination, developing innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing
challenges across all levels.

A product of Saudi Vision 2030 and one of its most important projects, NEOM aims to drive
development and economic diversification, aligning its objectives with that of the Vision.
NEOM stands today as a vibrant modern community rapidly transforming into an ideal
destination for living, working, innovating and enjoying world-class entertainment—all
within an integrated sustainability framework that balances life, nature and business. A
catalyst for a thriving economy underpinned by advanced technologies and a diverse
workforce, NEOM offers promising job prospects for our young people, working alongside
top talents in their fields from all over the world.

NEOM is indeed a community of dreamers, and our dream to reimagine a sustainable future
has become a reality across 14 diverse sectors – from construction and education to
healthcare, mobility and more – within a fully integrated ecosystem that seamlessly blends
with NEOM’s environment, preserving 95% of its land for nature.

Since the historic announcement of the NEOM project in October 2017 by HRH Mohammed
bin Salman, Crown Prince and Chairman of the NEOM Board of Directors, as an integral
component of Saudi Vision 2030, we have embarked on an impressive journey, from
planning to implementation – all under the direction and supervision of HRH.

Notably, Oxagon, NEOM’s advanced and clean industrial city, has secured a momentous
achievement by successfully completing the financial conclusion phase for the construction
of the world’s largest green hydrogen production facility, backed by an investment of USD
8.4 billion. Trojena, NEOM’s world-class mountain eco-tourism destination, is gearing up to
host a plethora of activities and sporting competitions, commencing with the 2029 Asian
Winter Games. Work on THE LINE, NEOM’s cognitive city that will redefine the concept of

exceptional livability, is progressing steadily in collaboration with multiple global partners
who share our vision and ambitions, expanding the horizons of the future of humanity, life
and business. Simultaneously, Sindalah, NEOM’s first luxury island destination nestled in the
crystalline waters of Red Sea, is getting ready to welcome visitors during 2024.

As urban and construction developments thrive, there is also a noticeable surge in events
and activities within NEOM, spanning from sporting competitions to groundbreaking
productivity initiatives and cinematic ventures, among many others. On the business front,
we have unveiled two subsidiaries: ENOWA for energy and water, and Tonomus for
technology and digital sciences. We have also forged global partnerships for the production
of green hydrogen, with NEOM poised to house the world’s largest facility of its kind. All
preparations for the project’s implementation are set, underpinned by our exclusive
agreement with Air Products to purchase all green ammonia produced by the new facility
over the next three decades.

We Dream and We Achieve…

Our dreams and ambitions are boundless, and so is our ability to transform bold ideas into
impressive realities. We will always achieve because our ambitions transcend the majesty
and magnificence of Mount Tuwaiq. The future that we are building in NEOM will become a
tangible reality with God’s help. And when we achieve our goals, it will be our starting point
toward another new future. Perhaps, the only constant among these transformations is their
birthplace and origin, which will always be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With heartfelt
wishes, we celebrate our beloved Kingdom on this special occasion.