Monday, 17 June 2024

Taleem REIT Fund distributes SR 8.2 mln profits for the Q4 to Unitholders


Saudi Fransi Capital announced on Wednesday that the distribution of cash dividends to the Unitholders of the Taleem REIT Fund for the period from (1 October 2022) to ( 31 December 2022) with total Dividends distributions SAR 8,160,000, provided that the amount of dividends distributed per unit is SAR 0.16 , with a distribution Ratio of 1.4% of the net asset value.

The company said today on “Tadawul” that number of outstanding units on which cash distributions will be distributed is 51,000,000 shares, and that the dividends will be paid within 15 business days.

The Fund Manager also wishes to remind the unitholders to update their bank accounts to ensure that their outstanding profits are deposited directly in their accounts.

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