Tuesday, 16 July 2024

eXtra announces resignation of a Board Member


United Electronics Company (eXtra) announces that Mr. Khalid Malik Al Ghalib AlSharif (independent member) submitted on December 12, 2022, his resignation from the company’s Board of Directors due to Personal reasons.

United Electronics Company (eXtra) Board of Directors decided, in their meeting held on December 20, 2022, to accept the resignation of Mr. Khalid Malik Al Ghalib AlSharif (independent member) from the membership of the Board of Directors, effective December 20, 2022.

eXtra Chairman and members of the Board of Directors extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Khaled Malik Al Ghaleb AlSharif for the efforts he made during his membership in the Board of Directors, wishing him success.

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