Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Led by the ministry of industry

National Plan to Localize Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines’ Production

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Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar Al-Khorayef confirmed that the ministry is leading a national plan to localize the pharmaceutical and vaccines making industry, with the membership of many parties.

Particularly the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug General Authority, the minister said, adding that it gives priority to the localization of this field, due to its importance in achieving pharmaceutical and health security.

During a symposium under the motto: “Where has the Kingdom reached in developing industry?” organized by the Saudi Economic Association today, he pointed out the importance of the industrial sector, in diversifying the sources of national income, adding that the industrial strategy is built on three main pillars, namely: Building the Kingdom’s local capabilities that help face challenges and ensuring continuity, in addition to investing in natural resources, and exploiting the distinctive geographical location, to reach the world over, by investing in various manufacturing industries, that will have added values to the national economy, looking to the future by focusing on future industries, that qualify the Kingdom to compete with the other leading economies.

We are working on an strategy for the national industry to be globally competitive, by enabling local content and the adopting the 4th Industrial Revolution, pointing out that the Kingdom will be an incubator for creativity and innovation, and the best example for activating is “Oxagon”, which will be one of the largest incubators for the tools of the revolution, with a main prerequisite to effectively protect the environment, on one hand, he elaborated.

Adding to conclude,  on the other, we will bolster the role of the “Made in Saudi Arabia” program, as our flagbearer amid the procession of the 4th industrial revolution.

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