Saturday, 13 April 2024

At Jazan chamber to mark the occasion of Global Entrepreneurship Week

Role of Business’ Incubators, Supporting Startups, Discussed


Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at Jazan University, in collaboration with the Social Development Bank, the National Entrepreneurship Institute, in Jazan, and the Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” participated in a specialized symposium, recently held, to explore the role of the business incubators’ role, in supporting the startups, in the Kingdom, in general, and in the Jazan region, in particular.

Entrepreneurs in the region, in addition to the center’s cooperation with supporting bodies, such as the Social Development Bank, as well, other parties are providing advice, support, and documenting commercial innovations.

The symposium dealt with introducing support pathways for projects provided by the Social Development Bank for small and medium-sized enterprises for the Saudi youth and girls, through cooperation with the bank’s partners.

اقرأ المزيد

As well as reviewing the role of the Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” in supporting young people through the Tamheer program or through training and providing jobs for cadres eligible to work.

The role of the National Entrepreneurship Institute as a strategic partner for the Development Bank, played a pivotal role in preparing and training entrepreneurs, studying youth and girls’ projects and providing them with all facilities and support until the completion of their project- study.

The symposium also witnessed extensive and intensive dialogues with the participating entrepreneurs.