Tuesday, 16 July 2024

For October payment

As much as SR1.9 bln for the Citizen’s Account Beneficiaries


Citizen Account Program deposited as much as SR1.9 billion allocated for October support for beneficiaries, whose applications were completed, as the number of beneficiaries who met the eligibility criteria, in the 47th installment reached 10.5 million.

Total compensation paid retroactively from the previous payment amounted to SR23 million, bringing the total amount paid by the program to the beneficiaries since its inception more than SR105 billion, including SR877 million as compensation for previous payments.

The official spokesman for the Citizen Account Program, Sultan Al-Qahtani, said that 77% of the beneficiaries received support in this batch, and the average support for one family amounted to SR1058, while the number of heads of families reached more than two million, making up 94%, while the number of dependents was more than 8 million and 300 thousand beneficiaries, and the number of independents who met the eligibility criteria reached more than 133 thousand beneficiaries, constituting 6% of the total of the main beneficiaries.

اقرأ المزيد

Percentage of heads of households reached 92%, while the percentage of female heads of households was 8%, while the percentage of independent females reached 47%, and independent males constituted 53%, explaining that 83% of the total independents received the full benefit, while 17% received partial and minimum entitlement.