Wednesday, 29 May 2024

‎“Walaa Insurance” signs a contract with “Aramco” to provide ‎insurance coverage for energy products, property, vehicles, ‎marine ‎


اقرأ المزيد

Walaa Cooperative Insurance Company Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco) announced the signing of an insurance coverage policy for energy products, property, vehicles, marine and other products, where the value of the contract exceeds 15% of the total insurance premiums for the fiscal year 2022 for a period of one year from the date of 01/ 04/2023 AD.

The company said in a statement today on “Tadawul” that it expects that the contract will have a positive impact on the financial results for the year 2023, indicating that there are no related parties.

And she confirmed that the agreement took place within the normal course of business and did not grant any preferential benefits