Thursday, 30 March 2023

Saudi Central Bank assets hit SR 1.933 trillion in December

The Saudi Central Bank revealed that assets decreased to SR 1.934 trillion at the end of last December, at about 63.8 billion riyals, or 3.2%, from their levels in November of the same year, which were 1.998 trillion riyals.

According to the Central Bank bulletin for the month of December 2022, which was issued a short while ago, the assets increased by 85.1 billion riyals, or by 4.6%, compared to what they were in December of the year 2021, which was 1.849 trillion riyals.

According to the bulletin, assets increased during December 2022 compared to the same month of the year 2021, supported by an increase in deposits with banks abroad by 11.3%, amounting to 324.4 billion riyals, compared to 291.4 billion in 2021, while investments in securities abroad declined to 1130.4 billion riyals. And by 0.2% from the year 2021, which was 1132.7 billion riyals, and other assets increased by about 53.7%, and foreign exchange and gold declined by 3.9%.

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The assets of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia consist of foreign currency and gold, cash on hand, deposits with banks abroad, and investments in securities abroad, in addition to other assets.

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