Tuesday, 16 July 2024

SICO Capital BOD appoints Fadhel Makhalouq as Chairman, dismissal of Sultan Nafli


اقرأ المزيد

SICO Capital Company announced on Wednesday a change in the membership of the Board of Directors of the SICO Saudi REIT Fund due to the appointment of Fadhel bin Ahmed Makhalouq as a “non-independent member” as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the dismissal of Sultan bin Abdul Latif Nafli, Chairman of the Board of Directors as a “non-independent member”, provided that the effective date is December 21 2022.
Members of the Fund Board after the Change:
Fadhel Ahmed Makhlooq (Chairman of the Fund Board – Non-Independent)
Fahad Ayed AlShammari (Independent)
Ali AlHussin Hamidaddin (Independent)
Ibrahim Fatani (Non-Independent)
Mohannad Al-Khowailed (Non-Independent)