Monday, 25 September 2023

Amana Insurance appoints BOD Chairman, Vice, Committees ‎Formation


اقرأ المزيد

According to the results of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of Amana Cooperative Insurance Company, which was held at 7:30 pm on Thursday 13/01/1444H Corresponding to 11/08/2022G, that included electing Board of Directors the new cycle which will start from the date of the general assembly on 11/08/2022G for 3 years’ period and will be end on 10/08/2025G.

As resolved during Board of Directors meeting held on 15/08/2022G, to select and the Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman, and the formation of committees for the current term subject to obtain SAMA no objection.

As SAMA per no objection has been obtained on 02/10/2022G, Amana Cooperative Insurance Company announces the following:

First: Appointment of Dr. Abdullah Othman Almusa as Chairman of the Board of Directors (Independent Member)

Second: Appointment of Mr. Tareq Abdullah Algaraawy as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors (Independent Member)

Third: Formation of the Executive Committee:

  1. Mr. Tareq Abdullah Algaraawy – Chairman of the Committee (Independent Member)
  2. Mr. Naif Faisal Alsudairy – Member (Non-Executive Member)
  3. Mr. Rachid Salim Abi Nader – Member (Non-Executive Member)
  4. Mr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Alsakran – Member (Non-Executive Member)

Fourth: Formation of the Risk Committee:

  1. Mr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Alsakran – Chairman (Non-Executive Member)
  2. Mr. Bashar Talal Kayyali – Member (Independent Member)
  3. Mr. Salem Ghali Alruhailie – Member (Independent Member Outside the Board)

Fifth: Formation of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee:

  1. Mr. Naif Faisal Alsudairy – Chairman (Non-Executive Member)
  2. Mr. Hassan Romaih Alzahrani – Member (Independent Member)
  3. Mr. Khalid Abdulrahman Alkhudairi – Member (Independent Member Outside the Board)

Sixth: Formation of the Investment Committee:

  1. Mr. Rachid Salim Abi Nader – Chairman (Non-Executive Member)
  2. Mr. Tareq Abdullah Algaraawy – Member of the Committee (Independent Member)
  3. Mr. Hazem Zaid Aoudi – Member (Executive Member Outside the Board)

Amana Cooperative Insurance Company will announce the ordinary general assembly meeting in order to request approval of the formation of the audit committee for the new session.