Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Al-Mutawa Joins the Strategy Board of the Middle East Public Relations ‎Association MEPRA


The Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA), the region’s leading public ‎relations and communications professional body, announced the election of ‎Ibrahim Al-Mutawa as a member of the MEPRA Strategy Board.‎

Al-Mutawa is the co-founder and Managing Director of Jummar for Public ‎Relations and Communications, a Riyadh-based Saudi consulting agency.‎

With a solid experience in international economic journalism and public relations ‎for more than two decades, Al-Mutawa has worked as a treasury correspondent ‎with Reuters in Riyadh, Saudi correspondent of Forbes Arabia, Head of Public ‎Relations Operations at TBWA, and Vice President and Director of the BCW Saudi ‎Arabia Office for three years.‎

اقرأ المزيد

Founded in 2001, MEPRA is a non-profit organization gathering an elite of public ‎relations experts in the region, aiming to set high-quality standards for excellence ‎in the communication industry in the Middle East and to provide strategic ‎information and industry insights. Members of the MEPRA Strategy Board are ‎elected for two-year terms.‎

MEPRA is strengthening its presence in Saudi Arabia with the growing demand ‎and the need for public relations professionals and agencies to keep pace with the ‎massive projects and the significant changes taking place in the country with the ‎acceleration of implementing Saudi Vision 2030.‎

MEPRA aims to be the voice of the public relations and communications industry ‎in the Middle East and to raise awareness about it as a profession and as an ‎essential element in building the reputation of companies by setting world-class ‎standards, sharing knowledge, encouraging thought leadership, and upgrading ‎the capabilities of professionals in this field in the region.‎