Tuesday, 7 December 2021

At Jeddah-based King Abdulaziz Int'l Airport

Saudi Airlines Inaugurate New Largest Al-Fursan Lounge

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Saudi Airlines inaugurated the latest and largest Al-Fursan lounge, at the level of the global “Sky Team” alliance, in the inter national departure hall, at Jeddah-based King Abdulaziz International Airport on November 24, 2021.

The ceremony was launched under the patronage of the Minister of Transport and Logistics, who is also the Chairman of the Saudi Airlines Group, Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser.

The new hall covers an area of 3.5 thousand sq.m. and can accommodate as much as 10 thousand visitors per day.

It was built using the most up-to-date sanitary procedures and standards to ensure that all of the requirements necessary to provide high-end services, 24-hour a day, to “Saudi Arabia’s” distinguished guests, including “First” and “Business” classes passengers, members of the Al-Fursan program, “Elite” and “Elite Plus” card holders.

The national carrier has designated a business center for guests to conduct business, as it is equipped with the latest and most luxurious facilities, in addition to the convenience area, as well as the seating area, in a setting with natural views and plants, as well as the children’s corner, equipped with multiple means to engage, in various hobbies.

The dining room has a variety of options and menus that have been made with great care, to please all tastes, as well as additional parts that match the visitors’ expectations.

It offered also highly skilled and trained cadres to work, at Al-Fursan lounges, in order to provide the greatest level of service and care for visitors, in a highly professional way, in addition to the high-end services and distinctive amenities.

Saudi Airlines considers Al-Fursan lounge to be a competitive advantage, according to its CEO Eng. Ibrahim Al-Omar.

All available amenities and services have been carefully adopted and created to meet the needs of the visitors, and they are all part of the company’s aim to improve the whole travel experience.

The Kingdom is witnessing a quantum leap in terms of hosting and organizing many international events and functions, perhaps the most prominent, in Jeddah, was the Red Sea International Film Festival, as well as the “Formula 1″ race and others, that would lead to an increase in the influx of participants and visitors to these events, from various countries around the world.”

Al-Omar went on to say that the new lounge is the world’s biggest for frequent flyers of the worldwide SkyTeam alliance, which includes 19 airliners from different continents.

The most enjoyable time in the hall

“Saudi Airlines” seeks to continuously develop its service system through continuous assessment, despite its rich balance of international awards and merits, most notably the recent award of “The Most Advanced Airline, in the World for the year 2021” within the “Skytrax” awards, Eng. Ibrahim Al-Omar confirmed. And reviewing on one hand and listening to the comments of the guests, on the other, as the aviation sector and the air transport industry are a field of competition between different carriers, to provide customers and travelers with the latest, finest and best of services.

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