Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Providing journalists, columnists with consultation, consolidate legal culture related to publishing laws, in effect, applicable systems

Maaal On-line Daily, Al-Yassar Legal Firm Ink Bilateral Accord

“Maaal” the leading Saudi online daily and Al-Yasar Law firm, have co-signed a bilateral agreement, to provide advice and enhance legal culture, among publishing houses, editors, journalists, columnists, opinion writers and press-workers, entirely.

Maaal International Media company, the publisher of Maaal On-line daily, announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Al-Yasar Law firm, for legal consultation and arbitration, one of the leading companies, in the legal domain, operating, in the Kingdom.

The memo includes that the firm shall provide the daily with legal advice, as a whole, or to any of the daily’s members, especially, before various courts and/or judicial panels.

It also includes introducing publishers, journalists, opinion writers and press workers to the publishing related laws, in effect and systems applicable, across the Kingdom, to enhance legal culture and awareness among them, in order to empower exercising their role, within frameworks compatible with the legally recognized publishing systems.

MoU was co-signed by the Editor-in-Chief of Maaal Online, Mutlaq Al-Buqmi, and Muhammad Al-Shehri, for Al-Yasar Law firm.

“We are pleased, in the company, to sign such a memo, with an entity representing a significant segment of the society, the journalists, in particular, and the intellectuals, press and the media, in general.

Our hope is that such an agreement shall render benefits to the two signatory parties, as we aspire to best serve the company, as well as the online daily, in addition to the society and the nation.

We hope to be level up of being in the good side, too, as our company was chosen to be a party, in signing such an agreement, Dr. Yasser Al-Balawi, senior advisor to Al-Yasar Law, Legal Consultations and Arbitration firm, commented.


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