Monday, 11 December 2023

Japan leads the investors in US Treasuries, followed by China

Saudi US Bonds Holdings Rise to $128.1 bln, in July


Saudi Arabia raised its holdings of US Treasury bonds and bills to $128.1 billion, at the end of July, up $300 million from the previous month of June by 0.2% and an annual increase of $3.5 billion by 2.8% from July 2020, according to the US Treasury Department monthly report.

This increase in the Kingdom holdings of US bonds and bills in July is the second month in a row, bringing the total increase in the months of (June and July 2021) to around $800 million, following a $3 billion decline in May 2021.

Saudi Arabia ranks 16th in the world among the largest investors in US Treasury bonds and bills, and is at the forefront of Arab countries investing in US Treasury bonds, according to published data. The United Arab Emirates is in 23rd place with $ 58 billion, and Kuwait is in 28th place with $ 46.4 billion.

اقرأ المزيد

The Kingdom holdings of US Treasury bonds and bills are split between long-term bonds and bills worth $102.2 billion by 80% and short-term bonds and bills worth $25.9 billion by 20%.

The value of US Treasury bills and bonds held by various countries across the world increased by $46.2 billion in July, reaching $7.54 trillion, compared to $7.49 trillion in June 2021.

Japan leads the investors in US Treasury bonds and bills with $1.31 trillion, followed by China ($1.07 trillion), then the United Kingdom ($539.5 billion), Ireland ($319.7 billion), Switzerland ($298.3 billion), Luxembourg ($291.6 billion), Cayman Islands ($250.3 billion), Brazil ($248.5 billion), Taiwan ($242.3 billion), France ($236.3 billion), Hong Kong ($227.2 billion), Belgium ($220.5 billion), India ($219.2 billion), Singapore ($192.6 billion), Canada ($167.7 billion), and Saudi Arabia in 16th place.